Michael Kay is a broadcaster for the Yankees, and last night he WENT OFF after two Texas Rangers fans caught a foul ball and wouldn't give it to the little kid sitting next to them.

The kid started crying, but they ignored him and sat there laughing.  The woman even posed for a picture, and held the ball up to make sure it was in the shot. It prompted Kay to say they were, quote, "rubbing it in the kid's face!"

It had a happy ending though, because someone from the Rangers dugout threw the kid another ball.  And Kay got a few more digs in on the couple, who he called "oblivious."

Here's a video that someone took off of their TV. It's not very high-quality, but it's the best I could find:

Deadspin.com has videos of it happening, and of the kid smiling after he finally got a ball.  Search for "Worst People Ever Catch Foul Ball."  They show it happen at :36, and she poses for the picture at :55.