This happened last month but the police have just released the info now.

Back on June 23rd, two men went to the Zoorama Pet Store in Elmont, New York.  One of them distracted the clerk by pretending to be interested in buying a pug . . . and the other one used that opportunity to try to steal money from the cash register.

BUT . . . when he couldn't bust into the register, he apparently decided to improvise Plan B . . . SHOVING A PUPPY DOWN HIS PANTS.

The puppy was a 10-week-old purebred Pomeranian, which would sell for about $1,000.  The thieves got away with the puppy.

Police are still looking for the men and the puppy.  The men are described as Hispanic, in their 20s or early 30s . . . the puppy is a one-and-a-half pound cream-colored Pomeranian.

Here's a REMARKABLY CLEAR security video of theft: