Last week, millions of people signed up for Breakup Notifier. That’s the Facebook app that let you monitor the relationship status of your friend.  And few days later, Facebook BANNED it. They said it was using up too many resources and that it might not be making a positive impact on the Facebook user experience.

Well, now that it's gone, a NEW relationship status stalking app has swooped in and taken its place. And this one PLAYS DIRTY.

This one is called Waiting Room, and instead of monitoring all of your friends, you only monitor the specific ones who are in relationships...relationships that you're hoping are reaching an end.

(Check it out at

Then it lets you know when those people switch from "in a relationship" to "single."

But here's where it jacks up the dirtiness.  Waiting Room doesn't just sit there, waiting for a relationship to also INTERFERES in people's relationships.

When you sign up to monitor someone on Facebook, they get a message saying that someone is waiting for them to become single. And Waiting Room keeps your identity anonymous.

But 48 hours after they switch to single, the person gets to learn your identity.

The app has been up for a few days, and it should, in theory, use fewer resources than Breakup Notifier because it's stalking fewer people. I'm not sure if Facebook will eventually cut off its access, but for now it's up and running.