So Reuters is reporting that most bank robberies in the U.S. occur on Fridays. The most robberies on this day happen in the south and the west, according to this report.

 The information comes from the FBI, and they’ve no methodology of why this is the popular day for this crime to occur.

Last year, California had the most robberies on Friday, followed by Texas.  The state with the lowest was North Dakota. I’m no FBI analyst or criminal intelligence agent, but do have a theory and I think I’m right.  Most banks in this part of the country have more cash on hand on Friday. Because mainly of the migrant workforce here…most of them get paid on Friday.

 DUH! WINNING! Sorry Charlie, I couldn’t resist.

 I remember as a kid my aint ree (Aunt Marie) said to me, “Ron, if anyone ever robs you give them all your money and if that ain’t enough, write them a check!”

That’s probably a pretty good theory in this day…there are some stupid criminals out there! Seriously! Have you watched an episode of COPS lately?