compiled a list of 10 of the best places for 20-somethings to live, and good ol' Lubbock came up number 6.

Here's what the site had to say about the Hub City:

Lubbock is no metropolis and it doesn’t have the fame of some of the other cities on this list (at least not yet), but Lubbock is truly an up-and-coming town. With one of the youngest median ages on our list (29.4) and a low cost of living, young residents can look forward to a thriving job market and an even better real-estate market. The best part of living in Lubbock is that over 90% of the residents commute less than 30 minutes for work which makes this city #1 in our commuting category.

Surprised? You shouldn't be. used several metrics to determine their list. After reviewing them, Lubbock's place on the list makes perfect sense. Median Gross Rent and Cost of Living weighed heavily (38 percent cumulative), and anyone living here knows that there are affordable options for almost anything here in Lubbock.

The Hub City slammed it out of the park on other metrics, including Median Age and Commute Times. We did get kicked in the teeth on car-free commutes, though. Bike lanes, please?

Like any other city, there's room for improvement. I love my hometown, but it could use more diversity in live music venues (although that problem exists because locals don't show up to enough shows) and more boutique style shops (and y'all ordering online -- tsk tsk). We could do a lot toward making Lubbock a more culturally interesting and "hip" town by supporting local businesses.

So there you go, Lubbock friends. You can all stop moving to Austin now.

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