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Texas Tech Lands New Defensive Coordinator
David Gibbs, former defensive coordinator for the Houston Cougars, has been officially announced as the team's latest addition to the staff, along with Zac Spavital, also from Houston, as a defensive assistant coach.
Who Says Women Can’t Play Football
It’s almost that time again for some Red Raider football and who wouldn’t be excited! Football season is always a great time…Texas Tech Football, Friends, Family, Drinks, and who are we kidding of course Coach Kliff Kingsbury. (Easy ladies)
Why the NBA Owners May NOT Vote to Oust Donald Sterling
In order to force Donald Sterling to sell the L.A. Clippers, three-fourths of the other owners would have to vote for that to happen. That's 23 of the 29 non-Sterling owners. From an outsider's perspective, that sure seems like a SLAM-DUNK, especially since many of the owners have publicly…

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