Ever Wanted to See a Solar Eclipse?
A solar eclipse is an incredible event that only happens a few times in a person’s life. And Lubbock's Science Spectrum is offering a chance to see it with a party.
Are Cell Phone Cases Supposed to Burn You? [RECALL]
I keep a cheap silicone case on my phone, more to protect the phone than me. But what happens when your case harms you and not your phone?
Well, that is the case (ha-ha) with cases from MixBin.
The company has announced a recall after several people were burned or had irritation after the cases broke.…
Lyft Rides Will Soon Come With A Taco Mode [VIDEO]
I travel a lot so I've used Lyft and Uber many times. Love them both. But now Lyft is aiming to steal a large part of the ride market with their new Taco Mode which will drive you through a nearby Taco Bell on your way.

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