New Netflix Instant Releases: March 2017
Start marking your calendars now (and apologize to your loved ones in advance for your lack of interaction) because Netflix is looking pretty stacked in March. In addition to the usual assortment of recent releases, old favorites and contemporary classics, next month brings premieres of new Netflix …
What’s Leaving Netflix Instant: March 2017
Just as dozens of new titles are being added to the Netflix Instant library each month, so must several others disappear. As you get ready for all the great new films and TV shows arriving in March, now would be a good time to make some room in your queue — starting with all the titles that a…
Bill Nye Is Finally Coming Back [VIDEO]
I'll be honest I rarely watched Bill Nye The Science Guy when he was on the first time. But after seeing what an amazing and smart guy he is with all the internet videos he's done I will totally binge his new show. Bill Nye Saves The World, will actually save the world.

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