Two guys walk into a start a million jokes about pub culture. The truth is that after a looong week at work it’s relaxing to belly up to the bar and shoot the bull with friends at the local watering hole.

For centuries neighborhood pubs have been a staple of social interaction. I mean before there was facebook of course. Ha ha! Seriously, even social networking on the web hasn't had an effect on the pub industry. Pubs have been and continue to be social hubs.

I'm not ashamed to say have a favorite hangout. It’s nothing fancy. There are no VIP rooms or velvet ropes.  I don't have to be on "the list" to get in. It’ds just a bar like any other but I can always count on a few friends to greet me when I walk in. I can catch up on the latest news, sports and music. Flirt a bit, laugh a lot, buy a few rounds for my friends, solve the world's problems and on a good night someone will buy me a drink.

It’s very simply a place where I know the people and they know me and we enjoy the comfort and familiarity "our" pub offers us. I guess there is some truth in that tune...."sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name." Cheers!