As a child growing up, I had TV Shows that I waited to watch every morning and afternoon with my grandmother. We always did the same thing every morning. I'd get up, she would cook breakfast, make some coffee and then we would sit down to watch our shows.

The mornings would be a great start to our day as we watch some of the shows we both loved. After our last show ended ,my grandmother would watch her soap operas. She loved to watch her stories and still watches to this day, but that's where I would find something else to do or i'd attempt to make lunch for us. After all her stories finished, we could finally agree on one last show that we loved that would come on in the afternoon.

These shows are classic and we still watch them to this day. They never get old, and even though I. had watched them a million times it would feel like it had been the first time seeing them. Here's the shows that we would watch and that will never get old.

  • Little House On The Prairie

    I'll be the first to admit that I always shed a tear when it comes to this show. When Laura and Nelllie are together, there is never a dull moment; whether it being friends or just flat out hating each other. Laura is my favorite character in this show.

  • The Waltons

    My favorite thing about this whole show is when the family says good night to each other. This has been something that my family and I do anytime we are together.

  • The Brady Bunch

    It's hard to just pick one episode that's my favorite, but we all know and love the whole “Marica, Marica, Marica” that Jan pulls because her older sister is good at everything.

  • Dr.Quinn Medicine Woman

    This is the kind of show that we women love to watch. Michaela, “Dr. Mike”, has to deal with the struggles of raising three orphan children, her community of Colorado Springs not accepting her to be a doctor, and, of course, a difficult relationship with Mountain Man Byron Sully. A very inspirational show.

  • Happy Days

    Henry Winkler, better known as "Fonzie", plays such a good part in this show. Not to mention what a handsome guy he is. He was/is the reason why my grandma and I would watch the show.

  • Highway to Heaven

    Michael Landon is just really nice to look at. We saw him as "Pa" in the 'Little House on the Prairie' and he plays the angel that comes back to help people in this show. Every once in a while I will shed a tear during this show.