Here's why:

Dogs are communal, they sacrifice personal welfare for the benefit of the group, they like rules and regulations, and being told what to do, they don't have a lot of initiative and they like doing the same tricks for the same basic rewards.

They can be community organizers, like President Obama was, when they herd sheep. And they get into selfless causes, like sniffing for bombs or leading the blind.

Cats are different. Quote, "When cats are born, they believe they're in a state of liberty, and from then on they are determined to keep it that way." They don't take orders. They don't do tricks. They want personal freedom. They won't listen to your commands as a matter of principle. And when one kills a bird, it's not to share with other cats who were less fortunate and couldn't kill their own bird...they keep their own spoils.

What do you think? What is your pet's political affiliation?