For all the golf enthusiasts out there, 98KOOL has partnered with GolfTec & Randy Stevenson to bring you a behind the scenes look at the most in-depth learning center for golf, that Lubbock has to offer. Each and every week, I will be blogging & giving you the inside track on my quest to lower my handicap. So if you are looking to lower your handicap by 6 strokes or just picking up the game and want to learn the proper technique, this blog is for you!  We will also be giving you the change to win a free swing evaluation!

Like most recreational golfers, I play a few rounds every month and have developed a few bad habits over the years. I do not have a USGA handicap but generally shoot in the mid to low 80’s. I had a few ideas of what was wrong with my swing but something I can tell you… I never thought I had as many flaws as I do.

My first lesson consisted of a full swing evaluation. I went into GolfTec and Randy hooked me up to these sophisticated contraptions that take more measurements than most contractors! First things first, we looked at my set up, which is one of the key factors in your swing. He compared my set up, side by side to the Big Easy, Ernie Els. To the untrained eye, most would say our set ups looks fairly similar. Randy pointed out a few differences that I had that set up me for inconsistency. Take a look below and notice them for yourself.



After making the necessary adjustments to the set-up, we moved into the back swing. I was amazed to see on camera, how far I was taking the club back (this is a big no no). Randy got me thinking “3 quarter mode” and to only take it back that far. You can really see the different on the before and after pictures. Something Randy quickly pointed out was not taking the club back as far and getting more wrist hinge, would actually increase my distance!


In just one hour’s time, this initial evaluation has taught me more about my swing than I ever thought possible. Stay tuned next week as we get more in-depth on my road to improvement & also details about how you can win a free swing evaluation! Feel free to reach out to Randy Stevenson, the director of instruction with any questions you may have about GolfTec.