I am tremendously blessed to have some of the most incredible friends! The way society is set up these days we often spend more time with our friends than our families. My friends are my rocks. They are my sounding boards, my counselors, and more often than not my entertainment! Like the time when....Oh wait! I can't tell that story in this forum.  Well, there was the time that....nope, I can't tell that one either. Hmmm, let’s just say these guys are a bunch of characters! Don't get me wrong, I love my family. They are after all my family! But friends are an extension of our families nowadays. The good ones are there when you need them through good, bad or ugly just like family.

This past year I have certainly learned to appreciate the presence of friends in my life and the role they play as I have had to say good-bye to several of them grave site. The space their absence has left in my life is noticeable daily.  They are dearly missed and missing them makes me more aware how important it is to tell those you care about what they mean to you.

My friends definitely enrich my life with memories, stories, support and laughter but my favorite friend story is the one still being written.

Thanks for the laughs, ya jack wagons! 

Love, Ron