There's an upcoming movie called 'Jack & Diane'.  It has nothing to do with John Mellencamp 1982 song of the same name...and he's a little upset that they stole his title.

He says, quote, "You don't hear my song in the film and I played no part in suggesting or offering this title.  It's most apparent that the lead characters were named with the hope that the familiar title might resonate in some people's minds.

"I guess that's OK to do, strictly from a legal perspective, but riding on someone else's coattails and having a moral compass is left up to each individual."

The MOVIE  'Jack & Diane' is a romantic horror flick about two GIRLS who fall in love . . . while one of them discovers that her, quote, "newly awakened sexual desire is giving her werewolf-like visions."

You can see the trailer at the movie's official website.  It's due in theaters November 2nd, but it's on demand NOW.