Kliff Kingsbury is known for being tight lipped on most every situation, so you have to learn to read between the lines.

Below, I've taken the liberty to read between the lines on his two most recent interviews to really let you know what's going on this spring with Texas Tech Football.

The team is "Frisky." - I've never been so happy to hear that word come from a coaches mouth. This team has not been frisky for quite some time. They have lacked a killer instinct to put away teams late in ball games when they've had the opportunity to do so (i.e. Oklahoma State, TCU).

There were a few fights, aggression - Jah'Shawn Johnson is starting fights. Again, this is between the lines, but that guy is a spark plug and the most aggressive guy on the field last year. Probably my favorite Red Raider right now.

Dylan Cantrell is 100 percent -  "Yaaassssssss," Kliff probably.

Jonah Hill Excited

Reggie Davis is continuing to grow - It's about damn time.

New Coaches - "Figuring it out." Everyone is still learning each other's names.

Heavyweights - Learn each others names.

Kolin Hill and Ondre Pipkin, "other major college programs" - Notre Dame and Michigan, respectively.

You could tell they were excited about spring break - We had another dance battle, but I didn't let anyone film this one.

Kliff Kingsbury Dance Battle

Any advice for spring break? - Have dance battles, but don't film them.

Johnny Manziel Salute