Lubbock is well known for having an abundance of restaurants. Some citizens think there are far too many while others say keep them coming. You'll never run out of food to eat in this town. There's also plenty of variety to be had. Sure you can get your chicken friend steak or burger and fries just about anywhere but it's the foreign foods that really stand leaps and bounds taller on the list of must eat places in Lubbock. That being said, here is our list of the 5 best foreign food restaurants in the city of Lubbock.

  • One Guy From Italy


    Funny enough, One Guy's has two locations. One Guy's, located on 50th & Slide or 11th & University, has the best Italian food you'll find in the Hub City. It's busy all the time and their food and atmosphere are to thanks for it. Get their for lunch and grab a couple of slices or a calzone and drink or wait until dinner and get some of their famous pasta dishes. Everything on the menu is top notch at One Guy's, our favorite Italian food in town and the first entry on the top 5 best foreign food places in Lubbock.

    Bob Worden, Townsquare Media
  • India Palace


    India Palace is the best restaurant you've bee afraid to go into because of the type of food. Take the chance though and go in to be pleasantly surprised. A fantastic lunch buffet awaits you, as does a amazingly good dinner. You may not be able to pronounce the items on the menu but just point at anything and you will be ordering a dynamite dish. The service is top notch also with the friendliest wait staff in town. India Palace lands on our top 5 foreign food restaurants in Lubbock.

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  • Saigon Vietnamese Cafe


    Saigon Vietnamese Cafe is one restaurant in Lubbock that never disappoints. The menu is chock full of fantastic dishes, delightful appetizers and out of this world soup. The service is prompt but take your time and enjoy every bite of the best Vietnamese food you'll taste in the city. Make sure you make it a point to stop by and get some great food from the Saigon Vietnamese Cafe. It's one of our top 5 foreign food restaurants in Lubbock.

    Bob Worden, Townsquare Media
  • Nora's Mexican Food Restaurant


    It's not so much a secret but Nora's is the best Mexican food you'll find in the city of Lubbock and quite possibly the best on the entire South Plains. Like every other restaurant previously mentioned, everything on the menu is a home run. You can go for breakfast, lunch or dinner or go for all three. Just make sure you get there early or don't mind a short wait because they are always playing host to a packed house. Try Nora's and see why they made our top 5 list for the best foreign food restaurants in the city of Lubbock. You'll thank us later.

    Bob Worden, Townsquare Media
  • Thai Thai

    Thai Food

    Shame on you if you haven't eaten at one of the greatest restaurants in the city of Lubbock. Don't live in shame much longer though because Thai Thai is ready and waiting for you. Open for lunch and dinner, Thai Thai offers up some of the most mouth watering menu you'll ever see. We suggest getting an order of wontons or thai thai and then topping that off with their fantastic beef noodle soup, gang ga ree or their famous putt thai. The hotter the better, but that's only if you can handle a little kick. Top off the entire meal with their mango and sticky rice and call it a day. Stop by Thai Thai and have your world rocked. They wrap up our top 5 foreign food restaurants in the city of Lubbock.