The Cardinal family has always been very kind to me. As a matter of fact, they've fed me many times and anybody that feeds me deserves a free plug. So here goes...

Cardinal's Sports Center has been a Lubbock institution for many, many years. If you or your kids have ever been in little league, played tennis,  played YFL, competed in softball leagues or been a part of any organized sport in the Hub City, you know the store well.

After years of operating three stores in Lubbock (not to mention the one in Plano), Cardinal's has decided to consolidate all of their locations into one big sports Mecca. The new store is in the former Albertson's location at the corner of Slide & South Loop 289.

The new location is open and I'm chomping at the bit to get a look at this place. It's 56,000 square-feet of Tech gear, shoes, outerwear, spinning classes, training facilities, turf rooms...even a coffee shop! Yes, a COFFEE shop. I'm sure they'll have smoothies too.

Make sure you grab a schedule for all of their classes (bootcamps, spinning, etc.) while you're there. I know that they have a world-class runner hosting one of the bootcamps and Beth Cardinal herself will be doing classes as well. You can also call 806-776-6728 or visit their Facebook page for updates.

Anyway, go see the Cardinal family at their new store. They've been great to me for all of these years, I'm positive they'll be great to you too.