On this Day in 1975, the ZZ Top album 'Fandango' was certified Gold. The album featured several fan favorites including...

'Tush' (featuring Dusty on lead vocals)

'Mexican Blackbird' (one of my all-time favorites from ZZ!)

'Heard It On the X' (a tribute to the "Border Blaster" radio stations in Mexico, specifically the two that were run by the famous disc jockey Wolfman Jack)

Track listing:

1. Thunderbird
2. Jailhouse Rock
3. Backdoor Medley: Backdoor Love Affair/Mellow Down Easy/Backdoor Love Affair No.2/Long Distance...
4. Nasty Dogs And Funky Kings
5. Blue Jean Blues
6. Balinese
7. Mexican Blackbird
8. Heard It On The X
9. Tush