Do you want Pizza Hut to plan the most romantic night of your life? They're offering...but it's going to cost you.

In some kind of crazy marketing effort, Pizza Huts nationwide are offering a special "Tie the Knot" package. And it costs $10,010.

What could Pizza Hut possibly give you for that money? It includes a red ruby ring (which they expect you'll use to propose), limo service, flowers, a fireworks show, a photographer, and a videographer.

Oh, and that extra $10 is for their $10 Dinner Box. That's a pizza, breadsticks, and cinnamon sticks to eat while you celebrate your engagement.

If you're interested in having Pizza Hut guide you through your proposal, you should hustle. They're only offering TEN of these packages nationwide, and you have to sign up before Valentine's Day.

If you sign up but don't want to do it on Valentine's Day, you have until the end of March to use the package. After that, they'll assume you got cold feet...and refund your money.

(Pizza Hut)

I decided to give them a call to see if I could order one for my sweetie:

You can sign up at