Lubbock police have released the audio from 911 calls made about Justin Michael Chisum, the man who confessed to killing his four-year-old daughter Kylee Forrest, Sunday (Feb. 1).

In the first audio clip (that you can listen to below), a woman at The Landing at Pinewood Park apartment complex tells the 911 operator that she thinks a man, later identified as Chisum, killed a baby.

"I think a guy just killed a baby and a lady. Just a baby," she tells the 911 operator.

More About the Murder of Kylee Forrest

In the subsequent clips, two different citizens contact 911 about a man running around naked near 8th St. and Bangor.

Chisum was arrested by police Sunday night and was booked into Lubbock County jail Monday morning. He later confessed to killing his daughter.

(Note: Some of the audio has been redacted by the Lubbock Police Department.)