At the 2009 White House Easter Egg Roll, President Obama read Maurice Sendak's 'Where the Wild Things Are' to the kids. Nothing evil or Socialist about that, right?

But wait...because something sinister DID happen.

In the early part of the book, when the main character Max is running around his house in his wolf suit "making mischief", there's a scene in which he's chasing his dog with a FORK.

Well, Obama pointed that out to the kids, saying, quote, "He's got a fork in his hand, like he's gonna EAT THE DOG.

Check out the video:

And, as Obama admitted in his own book, he did indeed EAT DOG MEAT when HE was a child. (!!!)

What does this mean? OBVIOUSLY it means that the Islamo-Socialist plot to destroy America from within that culminated with Obama's election began a lot earlier than we thought.

And that Maurice openly-gay man who's been indoctrinating our children for decades now...was one of its architects! Top that, Glenn Beck.