Patrick Mahomes is eligible for the NFL draft if he wants to put his name into the hat to be drafted. But now, people are speculating whether or not he'll do so after news of his wrist surgery broke.

Patrick Mahomes will have to decide whether he wants to enter the draft by January 16, 2017.

With multiple underclassmen announcing their decisions this week, every day that goes by makes it seem that Patrick Mahomes will come back to the Red Raiders for his senior season. However, there's still a real chance that Mahomes will enter the draft.

Sporting News has Mahomes going 4th overall to the Chicago Bears. Not in the 4th round -- 4th overall. While that seems lofty, Sporting News isn't the only publication to have that type of expectations for the QB.

Mel Kiper of ESPN has Mahomes as his second best QB in the 2017 class. And has Mahomes ranked 5th on their board of QBs. Their scouts say Mahomes is "a sleeper who could be a steal."

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They also have sources in the NFL that have said: "One playoff team told me they have a second-round grade on Mahomes and compare him to Derek Carr coming out of Fresno State. Two other teams said they had Mahomes in the third round, while one playoff general manager said he had him in Round 4."

Derek Carr is a hot name to be compared to right now.

The biggest knock on the Texas Tech junior is what has plagued Texas Tech QBs since Mike Leach came to town: The label of a "System QB." The scout from Walter Football put it like this: "There is love/hate with Mahomes in part because of his college offense, but Mahomes is an accurate passer with a good arm, bulk, flashes of field vision, and mobility."

Pro Football Focus, meanwhile, doesn't even have Mahomes on their list. has Patrick 37th overall, the 4th QB, on their big board for the 2017 draft, saying: "Mahomes should be in the mix (if he goes pro). He is a dazzling athlete with a huge arm. Whether or not he ever can polish up his game enough to be an NFL starter is the question."

The bottom line is that there are pros and cons for Patrick Mahomes. I'll list my pros and cons out in hopes of helping Mr. Mahomes out because I know how valuable my opinion is because we talked for four minutes one time.

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    Not only could Patrick Mahomes destroy the Texas Tech record books, but he could put his name down nationally as one of the most prolific QBs of all time.

    If Mahomes just repeated the season he just had, he would end up third on the list of most yards ever in a collegiate career.

    You know, the season where the shoulder on his throwing arm and the wrist on his non-throwing arm were both injured more than half the season.

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    Patrick Mahomes has started parts of three seasons.

    2014 - Concussion.

    2015 - Knee.

    2016 - Shoulder, Wrist.

    There's always the possibility that a more severe injury could occur.

    Obviously, an injury could occur in the NFL as well, but in the NFL Mahomes has a better insurance plan and way more zeros on his paycheck.

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    Improving his draft stock.

    Staying in school another year can help Mahomes improve his draft stock by improving his decision making and proving he can stay healthy for an entire year.

    He can also make strides to shed his 'system QB' stigma by staying in the pocket and making more NFL-type reads and throws.

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    Hurting his NFL draft stock.

    Staying in school another year can hurt Mahomes and his draft stock if he doesn't improve on his decision making and can't stay healthy for an entire year.

    He could also further reinforce his 'system QB' stigma by making ridiculous plays outside the pocket and not making more NFL-type reads and throws form inside the pocket.

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    The Talent of Texas Tech

    Say what you will about 2016, but the 2017 Texas Tech Red Raiders will be talented.

    The offensive line will be better. The defense will have a lot of young talent and some JUCO reinforcements.

    There are two JUCO RBs in this recruiting class, both over 6 feet tall and weighing over 230 pounds. That's some beef to go along with the flash of the current backfield participants.

    You also return the entire receiving corps. Ridiculous talent.

    The Texas Tech team may not look great next year, but the talent that Patrick Mahomes can play with next year is definitely a Pro to come back.

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    The Schedule

    The 2017 schedule is grueling.

    Three good non-conference teams and 11 straight games. OU and UT on the road. In Lawrence.

    The schedule is unforgiving and does not take a break.