Dionne Warwick Is BROKE!  According to TMZ, she's bankrupt, and owes more than $10.2 MILLION in unpaid taxes. In her bankruptcy filing, Dionne claimed she only had $25,000 in total assets.

She says she makes $20,950 dollars a month, but spends $20,940 a month.  Meaning, Dionne is banking just $10 a month.  At that rate, it would take Dionne about 85,000 YEARS to pay off her tax debt.

Dionne's rep says her severe financial problems were caused by, quote, "negligent and gross financial mismanagement" in the late '80s and early-'90s.

If only Dionne had some people around her who could've predicted the ruin her financial advisors were leading her into! Some sort of, oh I don't know, PSYCHIC FRIENDS?!?