March Madness Strategy
It's that time again where all the guys are glued to the TV, but it looks like I'll be right there with them this time. Only girl glued to the TV to make sure my teams win...this can not be good!
Basketball Superstar With Only One Hand Amazes Crowd
If you find mastering basketball difficult, how about doing it with one arm? This high school student -- who was born with only one upper limb -- certainly hasn't let his setback stop him from excelling in the sport. And after showing his skills on the court, he is getting some well-deserv…
UConn Beats Butler 53-41 in Sloppy NCAA Title Game
The NCAA title game can be summed up with one word:  Ugly.
How ugly?  The combined 95 points between UConn and Butler shattered the previous combined low in a shot-clock-era title game by a whooping 26 points...  How ugly?  Butler didn’t hit their second two point …
A High School Basketball Star Dies On the Court
Stories like this never fail to freak me out. It's just amazing how fast tragedy can strike when you least expect it.
Last Thursday night in Michigan, Fennville High School was playing a basketball game against Bridgman High School. One of Fennville's star players, 16-year-old Wes Leonard,…