John Lennon’s Tooth Slated for Auction
Beatles fans often clamor to get their hands on just about anything related to the Fab Four, but this is one piece of memorabilia that may give pause to even the most rabid collector: a tooth, purportedly pulled from the mouth of John Lennon.
Yoko Ono Thinks She’s an “Important Musician” [VIDEO]
Yoko Ono let's her crazy hang out in a new interview with She proudly reveals that she believes she's "an important musician" and gives her thoughts on the music of John Lennon. Read what else she said and see a video of this highly important artist on the next page!
George Harrison’s 68th Birthday Special
The Estate of George Harrison is celebrating Harrison's birthday worldwide with the live online streaming of “The Concert For George”. This Concert will be streamed on all day long to commemorate the life, love and music of George Harrison. See the next page t…

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