Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton 2013 Tour Dates Announced
It's not even December, but already Eric Clapton is looking ahead to 2013. Today (Nov. 19) the legendary guitarist announced a U.S. tour comprising mostly of dates in the South and Southwest. A full list of 2013 tour dates is listed below.
Eric Clapton Makes Musical Donation
Can Eric Clapton get any more awesome? In addition to doing his laundry at a public laundromat, Eric just sold more than 70 of his guitars, amps and other memorabilia to raise $2.15 million for the Crossroads Center. It's a rehab facility in Antigua that he co-founded in 1998. Read more on the …
Eric Clapton Does His Own Laundry [VIDEO]
There are a lot of popular musicians far less talented and nowhere near as wealthy as Eric Clapton who don't do their own laundry. But Eric does. And he does it at public, coin-operated laundromats. See the video proof on the next page!