West Texas Ice Storm Preparedness
Here's some important information from the Texas Division of Emergency Management concerning the coming Arctic blast you've been hearing about.
By no means do we intend to freak anybody out, this is just some info that's important to know. Especially if you're going to be travelin…
The Snow Day Calculator
If you're tired of waiting until the last minute to find out whether or not you have a snow day, I've got an awesome website for you. It's called the 'Snow Day Calculator.'
You enter your zip code, along with a few other bits of info and it gives you a percentage of likeliho…
The Best of ‘White People Rapping Poorly’ [VIDEOS]
There has long been a stigma against the white rapper.
The Tumblr blog “White People Rapping Poorly” certainly isn’t going to make things any better for Caucasians who take the mic.
Here are some of the best (worst) videos of painfully white people butche…