Texas Tech Baseball was in Lawrence Kansas for a series. They left at least one lady a new fan of the team. And they weren't even at the game when it happened.

According to Kansas resident Laurie Scott Powell, she saw a few members of the team make a kind gesture to a stranger. Thankfully, she shared it on Facebook so all of us can be proud of our team of winners:

I would like to commend several of the the Texas Tech Baseball players. As I was leaving a local resturant for Mother's Day I saw several young men walking down the sidewalk wearing Texas Tech Baseball t-shirts. I saw a tour bus parked near by so I assumed they were in town to play KU. As this group of young men passed a local man asking for money a couple of these men reached into their pockets and gave him money. They were very kind and respectful to this man. I have no idea what kind of record the Texas Tech Baseball team has but in my book they are an outstanding team. What a great way to represent their team and Texas Tech University. I hope someone will let them know their kind gesture did not go unseen or unappreciated. ‪#‎TexasTechBBrocks‬

You can see her Facebook post here.

I think it's easy to say that our guys showed real class when it counts: When no one is looking. Doing the right thing isn't about being recognized for it, and these young men did the right thing because it was the right thing to do.

For that, we should all recognize them. Thank you whomever you are, you make the world a better place!