Lucille Bliss, who voiced Smurfette on the original series, passed away last week. She was 96.  "The Smurfs" ran from 1981 to 1989.  Katy Perry voiced Smurfette in the movie.

Lucille also voiced Crusader Rabbit in the '50s, and Ms. Bitters on "Invader Zim".  Her first voice role was in Disney's "Cinderella" in 1950.  She provided the voice for the wicked stepsister Anastasia.

She was also the original voice of Elroy on "The Jetsons", but she lost the gig because she refused to go under a stage name in the credits, so they could hide the fact that a grown woman was voicing the boy.

Here's a "Smurfs" clip featuring can skip ahead to about three minutes in.  And here's a clip from "Crusader Rabbit".

Here's video of Lucille talking about her role as Smurfette: