The sky watchers from San Antonio have filmed many of these over the past few years.

With the return of the "X-Files," there seems to be a renewed interest in alien life again. For some, that interest never went away, as is the case of these gentlemen from San Antonio.

This YouTube video shows what says is a phenomenon called a U.F.O. Variable.

Here's the description in their words:

It is believed that these Crafts are converting the Suns Energy into Electromagnetic to travel around..If you pay close attention you will notice these U.F.O's have spheres that rotates inside them....According to the Hypotheses Thermomagnetic: In reality these spheres are converting Suns Energy into Electromagnetic.

The cameraman believes that is what he has caught on camera. As you will see at their website or YouTube channel, it's not the first time they've filmed something like this.

The skeptic in me says there's a logical explanation, and the video production lends itself to be poked fun of with the cheesy science fiction soundtrack. However, there seems to be something going on up there that these guys are catching on film.

The truth is out there... somewhere.