We all know that football season is over, but no need to be depressed about it. Lubbock has a Semi-Pro Football team that has plenty of games left for everyone to attend.


The West Texas Outlaws are in their first year as PAFL (Professional American Football League) and their 11 year together. They have players from all around the community, not to mention guys from Lubbock.The Outlaws have made playoffs nine out of their 10 seasons so it’s obvious they are kicking some butt.

I bet you didn’t know that 1 in 6 people in the South Plains face hunger. Well the West Texas Outlaws are helping by hosting a food drive at their game this Saturday, April 6th at 7:00 pm.

To help the food drive, fans can bring two bags of canned goods to get into the game for only $6. It’s a pretty great price, so they need everybody to get out and support not only them but help out the South Plains Food Bank as well.

I don’t know about yall but I will definitely be there supporting these great guys. It’s a Saturday night…nothing better than to spend your Saturday watching some great football.

For more information about the West Texas Outlaws you can visit their website at www.wtxoutlaws.com and it’ll have all the information about what you can bring to help the SPFB. Also you can visit SPFB’s website at www.spfb.org to get ideas on what you need to bring.

Hope to see everybody there this Saturday, April 6th at West Texas Outlaws’ home field-Lubbock Christian High School’s Lena Stephens Field at 7:00 pm.