My mom is great. She's taught me a bunch over the years...and I bet you learned a thing or two from YOUR mom too! I want to know what it was. What was one specific thing you learned from your mom that you'll never forget?

It could be something as simple as how to make the perfect apple pie, or something more like a life lesson.

This may seem weird, but one of the things I remember from my mom was 'You may have taken a bath, but you're not actually clean until you brush your teeth.' Her telling me that over and over again growing up is probably the reason I brush my teeth before I do ANYTHING else every morning.

Mom also taught me how to tie my shoes, not talk to strangers, chew with my mouth closed and countless other things, but the one thing I take away the most from her is that if you don't brush your teeth, you're a disgusting slob.

How about you? What ONE THING do you best remember learning from your mamma? Leave your comment in the Facebook widget below or email it to me!