Bad news, Starbucks addicts of America. Your overpriced coffee just got slightly more overpriced.

Starbucks is raising its prices by about 1% in various regions of the country...the Northeast, South, and Southwest are first because of, quote, "high costs for things like coffee, milk, and fuel."

1% doesn't sound like much, but look at it this way. If your $4 daily Starbucks now costs $4.04, that's almost $15 extra this year. Little things add up, ya know.


I don't want to knock Starbucks completely though. Here's me with my new favorite thing...or SECOND favorite thing after my new Keurig:

I LOVE my 16oz Starbucks travel mug that a friend of mine gave me for Christmas! It literally keeps coffee hot for 3 hours! I'm not kidding. And it's virtually spill-proof.

The one I have costs about $20 and they're available at the Starbucks location at 82nd & Quaker or you can get them online at this link.