Is one cut of meat really dramatically difference from another? A lot of folks would say 'of course!' But why is this true? There are very important reasons that set one type of meat apart from others, and it doesn't take an expert to define and taste the difference.

This is the story of 1855 Beef. A brand of beef with a powerful story to tell. A story that promises to change the way you look at steak forever, and one that can make all the difference in the world in the way your steak tastes.

"The purity and the genetics of the black Angus breed is key," according to the experts at 1855 Beef.

1855 Beef turns back the clock to a time when cattle grazed open fields at a gentle pace. The days of the old cowboy in a simpler time makes all the difference, because an Angus cow that lives a stress-free life makes a big difference in quality.

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Blazing Steakhouse in Lubbock, Texas
Blazing Steakhouse, Facebook

You can experience the difference that 1855 Beef makes with every steak served at Blazing Steakhouse. They are your official 1855 Beef steakhouse here in Lubbock. Visit the Blazing Steakhouse website and their Facebook page to see their menu and more.

Blazing Steakhouse is located at 3701 N. Frankford Avenue in Lubbock. You can call (806) 589-8672 for reservations.

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