Not all horror movies rely on blood and guts to get the point across.  In fact, some have little or no blood in them at all, but they're still effective. With that in mind, here's a list of 20 Bloodless Horror Films That Are Still Terrifying...

1.  "The Ring", 2002

2.  "Invasion of the Body Snatchers",  1978

3.  "Let the Right One In",  2008  (This one really isn't bloodless...especially the climactic pool scene. WARNING!!!  There's a little gore in this clip.)

4.  "Rosemary's Baby",  1968

5.  "Rear Window",  1954

6.  "The Blair Witch Project",  1999

7.  "Fatal Attraction",  1987

8.  "Rebecca",  1940

9.  "Paranormal Activity",  2007

10.  "Black Swan",  2010

11.  "The Orphanage",  2007

12.  "Nosferatu",  1922

13.  "The Others",  2001

14.  "Hard Candy",  2005

15.  "The Sixth Sense"  1999

16.  "Diabolique",  1955

17.  "What Lies Beneath",  2000

18.  "Village of the Damned",  1960

19.  "Woman in Black",  2012

20.  "Misery",  1990  (There may not be blood in this movie, but the "hobbling" scene is easily one of the hardest things to watch in movie history.  Check it out here.  WARNING!!!  This may very well turn your stomach.)

Check out the list, with commentary, here.

Can you think of any bloodless horror movies that scared you? Interestingly enough, both the original "Halloween" and the original "Texas Chainsaw" massacre are pretty bloodless...and both quite terrifying.