Ok, on this Halloween Eve, it is time to finally give some due to the greatest Halloween Movie of all-time (yes, that's what G.H.M.O.A.T. stands for) Halloween 3!  Ahem, I mean 1982's underappreciated classic "Halloween 3: Season of the Witch!"  First things first, Michael Myers is not in this movie.  Yet, it is a part of the "Halloween" series of movies.  So, why is it forgotten? Why is played during weird hours of the day on AMC?  Mostly haters.  The Halloween haters who didn't fully appreciate this off shoot vision of Halloween...so let's begin...

Why is it so great?

The Plot - Silver Shamrock Novelties is selling three Halloween masks - A Pumpkin, A Witch, A Skeleton - each mask has real bits of Stonehenge in them.  When the big giveaway happens at the end of film, kids watching will be killed by witchcraft that includes snakes, insects, shriveled head heads - you name it.  So, it must be stopped!

The Great Sinister Line -  Veteran actor Dan O' Herlihy as the evil head of Silver Shamrock Novelties Cochran muttering "Happy Halloween," when he captures our hero, Daniel Challis and give his big speech.  So good!


The Star Power - Or, should I say lack of it. Character Actor Tom Atkins (Night of the Creeps, Lethal Weapon) is the lead as Daniel Challis - and that's pretty much it. His love interest, Stacy Nelkin, was in a couple of late 70s movies and 80s movies like "Serial" and "Yellowbeard," but appear in mostly TV stuff after this. So, the lack of star power really helps drive the plot and focuses on story.  No Jamie Lee Curtis here.

The Commercial - "Three More Days to Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, three more days to Halloween - Silver Shamrock!"  That's the super catchy tune in the Silver Shamrock commercial.  Why so catchy? Well, it's the nursery rhyme "London Bridges." The commercial plays a lot in the movie counting down to the big giveaway. And plays a big part in...

The Ending - (spoiler alert) When Daniel breaks away and calls the television stations to stop the big "giveaway" at 9pm.  Two stations take the giveaway off the air.  A third station keeps it going.  Tom Atkins screams "Make it Stop! Get it off the air!"


I rest my case...

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