With face-to-face schools being shutdown and cancelled across the U.S. in the midst of the COVID-19 virus, as well as higher education often lining up with higher earnings, WalletHub has released a report on 2020's Most and Least Educated Cities in America.

WalletHub compared the 150 largest U.S. metropolitan areas, and looked at 11 key factors, such as the share of adults ages 25 and older with a bachelor's degree or higher, the racial education gap, and the quality of the public school system, to find out where the most educated people are settling down.


Most Educated CitiesLeast Educated Cities
1. Ann Arbor, MI141. Fresno, CA
2. San Jose, CA142. Salinas, CA
3. Washington, DC143. Ocala, FL
4. Durham, NC144. Stockton, CA
5. San Francisco, CA145. Hickory, NC
6. Madison, WI146. Modesto, CA
7. Boston, MA147. Bakersfield, CA
8. Seattle, WA148. McAllen, TX
9. Austin, TX149. Brownsville, TX
10. Bridgeport, CT150. Visalia, CA


Texas finds its cities on the list several times, including Austin-Round Rock Texas at position 9. After Austin, Dallas comes in at position 72, and then several more Texas cities as the list continues.

Some additional facts include Ann Arbor, Michigan having the highest share of bachelor's degree holders of people ages 25 and older at 55.2%, which is 3.8 times higher than Visalia-Porterville, California with the lowest. Modesto, California also has the highest racial education gap, and Anchorage, Arkansas has the highest gender education gap.

You can read the full report on WalletHub's website, or watch their Youtube video summarizing the study.


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