It's a Blackout Night Game

This year's Oklahoma-Texas Tech game is a night game, and it's around the same time as Halloween. The student section is going to be wild, and it's a blackout. There was a time in Lubbock when any game in The Jones was a big deal, and that can absolutely return this weekend.

Here's one of the last times Texas Tech had raucous a night game around Halloween: via TTUfirebird2008
YouTube via TTUfirebird2008

You might remember the game. It was in 2008 right after The Dark Night came out. Michael Crabtree was there. The Longhorns were there, too. Here's a write-up.

Baker Mayfield won't be on the field

You can say you don't care about Baker Mayfield all you want, but he's going to be a main story for the boys at ABC come Saturday night. 'Hey, did you guys here Baker Mayfield is in the NFL? If he had offensive weapons like Patrick Mahomes did, that'd be pretty special,' they'll scream as unbiased observers.

They'll bring up the last time that Mayfield and Mahomes were on the field at the same time, back in 2016, when they had the most offensive game of all-time...and the fans also got offensive.

I bet we get more mentions of Mayfield, Mahomes and MLB contracts than we get mentions of Alan Bowman. Maybe that's what he needs: no pressure and lower expectations.

It's not at 11 a.m.

Did I mention this is a night game and not at 11 a.m? It's not even an afternoon game. You can actually get good smoke on your brisket and drink your 30-pack at a reasonable pace. Do you know the number of things you can smoke before 7 p.m. Central Time? I'd like to see someone make that list, and then eat everything on it.

The Garden's 'Wreck 'Em Beat OU' Pregame Party

Since the game is not early on Saturday morning, you can do whatever you want on Friday night. I would suggest either a cozy night in prepping for your tailgate the next day, or, if you aren't lame, you can go party with The Garden at the UnOfficial after party of the First Friday Art Trail in Lubbock. It's a special Pre-'Wreck’em' beat OU Party, with special musical guests The Powell Brothers.

Bonus: This is a totally FREE concert, and it's family-friendly. Double awesome.

The Browns-Chiefs game is at 12 p.m. the next day

If Texas Tech drops the game on Saturday night (and I'm not saying they will), we can all as collective Red Raiders fans hate-watch the Browns and Baker Mayfield get rolled over by Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs.

Am I worried that the Browns will have a renewed energy and come out as a galvanized team because they fired all of their coaches and put a man famous for putting a bounty on opposing quarterbacks? NO. The Chiefs are going to kill the Browns, and Mahomes is going to throw for four more touchdowns and 300 more yards because that's what he does.

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