Without question, the Lubbock Sports Universe was buzzing about the glorious tantrum and ejection of Texas Tech Head Coach Chris Beard last night, when he decided to take all the seats at United Supermarkets Arena in the closing moments of the Red Raiders 82-71 loss against West Virginia.

If you haven’t seen the video, you can check it out here


After the game, the coach said that he hadn’t received a technical foul (much less an ejection) since his days at Arkansas-Little Rock (a place you WANT to be thrown out). Since this was his first ejection in Lubbock, perhaps there are some more options for Coach Beard to be ejected from around town.

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    Heck, if Ricky Bobby and his family can make it a life goal of being kicked out of an Applebee’s, then Coach Beard certainly can follow in that champion's footsteps. All those $1 cocktails would help loosen him up, that’s for sure.

    Google Street View / Paul Roberts
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    The Buddy Holly Hall of Performing Arts and Sciences

    Since the goal of getting kicked out of the United Supermarkets Arena has been accomplished, Coach Beard can really throw open the doors of Lubbock’s newest concert and entertainment venue by plopping down right at center stage, then getting his rage on at Rave On.

    Lance Ballance / Paul Roberts
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    Not enough green chiles on his green chile cheeseburger? Then take a seat, coach!

    Google Street View / Paul Roberts
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    Evie Mae’s BBQ

    Listen, coach…you should know by now that you have to get to Evie Mae's BBQ early to make sure they don’t sell out of the delicious brisket and ribs that we all love here in West Texas. Just because you got there late doesn’t mean that you can sit down and help yourself to as much free beer as you want.

    instagram.com Evie Mae's / Paul Roberts
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    Cook’s Garage

    It’s NEVER okay to climb one of the signs in the parking lot at Cook’s Garage and perch yourself on top of it just because West Virginia was getting all the calls. Climb down and have a burger and a beer before they toss you in the back of a ’55 Bel Air and haul you out.

    facebook.com Cook's / Paul Roberts