Well, this should be a fun list. Lubbock is a great place to live, but that doesn't mean that we can't do some things better.

  • 1

    Using Turn Signals

    The lack of driving skills in Lubbock is legendary. I believe the root of it is the influx of people from smaller towns, who've never really had to deal with that many cars at the same time or that many instructions (signs, signals, etc). The same goes 10 times over for the lack of turn signals.

    After all, in your podunk town everyone knows where you're going, so why waste all that energy hitting your lights?

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    Storm Preparation/Recovery

    How weird is it that 55-mph winds are "no big deal," but a little snow causes everyone to empty out the supermarkets? And that's just the citizens.

    It seems our city leaders are even more confused by any weather that isn't hot and dusty. Yes, the blizzard of December 2015 was a once-in-a-lifetime snowstorm, but we knew it was coming, and we still looked like The Three Stooges trying to get somewhere with their shoelaces tied together.

  • 3

    STD Prevention

    Lubbock still operates in some fairy tale land where kids don't have sex, don't get pregnant and don't catch the pants cooties, yet they do.

    "Just Say No" didn't work for drugs and it has never worked for our biological imperative to reproduce. Yes, we even have our own name for it at the college level: it's called "Raider Rash."

  • 4


    Lubbock WILL turn out for movies, dinner and sports. But other than that, it's like pulling teeth.

    Great local artists go unsupported, and a wealth of concerts that a town this size shouldn't even get go unappreciated and under-attended. First Friday Art Trail does OK, but that's one option, once a month and hardly the norm.

  • 5

    Public Spaces

    Want to know how to do public spaces? Take a look here.

    Lubbock city parks are good for a barbecue or two and/or maybe a pickup game of flag football, but they are generally not a place to ride your bike, read a book or come stocked with a reasonable degree of nature. Our parks are, in general, a patch of grass and some playground equipment.

  • Bonus

    Lubbock's Reaction to an Arabic Banner Was Ridiculous