We may or may not get some rain this spring. And that rain may or may not be heavy. One thing is for sure: You can almost always expect these five things to happen in Lubbock when it rains.

Justin Massoud, KFYO

Hey, we need those rainy days! Bring 'em on. We sure don't need flooding and that constant rain that we had a while back, but there's nothing wrong with a rainstorm here and there.

Even then, rain is so rare here that no one is ever quite ready for it and they just don't know how to react.

With that, I present the five things that happen in Lubbock when it rains.

  • 1

    It's Quickly Followed By a Dust Storm

    It took me forever to get my head around this. You'd think dirty plus water equals mud and the problem is solved. It doesn't work like that around here. The composition of the dirt is what causes the dust, so therefore, when it rains, all the rain does is break the dirt up into smaller pieces so it can go airborne.

  • 2

    Traffic Will Go Nutty

    Whenever we have weather, we have two kinds of drivers: Those who drive way too fast, and those who drive way too slow.

    The former should moderate their speeds a bit to accommodate for the rain, and the latter need to realize that slowing a little, and not a lot, is plenty good.

  • 3

    People Become Shut-Ins

    It's almost like rain in Lubbock is acid from the sky. It's amazing to me that some people will do anything to stay out of the rain. The FIRST thing I do is get out and enjoy it a bit. To be fair, no one around here really has any rain gear because it's so seldom used.

  • 4


    Yes, rain + Lubbock = flood almost every time. Unless you're new in town, you probably already know where it's going to get deep quick. There's that big dip in the Marsha Sharp Freeway and the park at The Loop and Quaker just to name two.

  • 5

    Dogs & Cats Go Crazy

    Dogs and cats are ALMOST as bad as the people in Lubbock. Some just have no idea what to do when that liquid falls from the sky. Then there are those who freak the hell out if there's a rumble of thunder or a bolt of lightning.

    Once again, be a good human and reunite any loose pets you see with their owners.


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