I guess the people here are so unused to high water that we have to remind them that their cars are not flotation devices. One of the ways it's done is with the saying "Turn around, don't drown." Well, I have some other slogans you might want to learn, too.

So how about some new slogans to get you through stormy weather? I've got some ideas for the people of Lubbock. Here we go.

  • Your car ain't floatin', so don't take it boatin'.
  • If the rain ain't stoppin', it's time to go shoppin'.
  • Deep water sucks, unless you drive big trucks.
  • That puddle's too big, for your Toyota rig.
  • When it rains in the Hub, we become a big tub.
  • When the bad weather begins, switch your shoes to swim fins.
  • If this week it's floodin', then next week we're muddin'.

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