The Lubbock Food Trucks And Events Facebook page makes it easy for you to book a food truck for your next event. And its an awesome idea!

If you're having any kind of event in the future and you want to have food there you should consider a food truck for your catering. Especially if its an outdoor event. There are a ton of reasons why food trucks beat traditional catering for certain events.

1. They can go practically anywhere, because they're on wheels.

2. Food trucks offer an almost endless variety of options, especially if you can have more than one truck at your event.

3. Food trucks are self-contained. They pull up to your event ready to rock. They don't need on-site kitchen facilities to prepare or serve.

4. No dishes to wash. Food trucks serve people with disposable containers so there's no mess left afterwards to clean and put away.

5. If you live in a smaller city around Lubbock they are a great option, again because they're on wheels.

6. Since they cook their food right there in the truck you know its always going to be fresh and hot. There's no need to reheat something they cooked last night in preparation. They cook it in front of you while you wait.

7. Food trucks are always local people keeping our money in Lubbock's economy. Lots of restaurants do catering but those places might be national chains that take your money back to wherever their headquarters are located. There aren't any chain food trucks. At least none that I know of in Lubbock.

So if you have an event coming up go to the Lubbock Food Truck Facebook page and find a truck or 5 that work for you. People love them and they're a boon to our local economy.

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