Who would think that a 73-year-old relic of music would sue over her one and only hit?

Certainly not me, but it is happening.

The fossil known as Toni Basil is suing a large group of people including Disney, Logo, VH1, Viacom, Comedy Central and others for the “Unauthorized Use” of HER trademark song ‘Mickey.”

She was so upset by it being used in such shows as RuPaul’s Drag Race (It was used in 2011!) that she claims to be unable to sleep at night, and is having nightmares and anxiety attacks.

According to Instinct Magazine, Basil is asking for $25K in damages and $750 for each unauthorized use.

Here is the problem with old Toni trying to sue. IT IS NOT HER SONG! Mickey was a pseudo re-written remake and was written as Kitty by Mike Chapman and Nicky Chinn in 1979. She has zero writing or producing credits and after looking at the BMI and ASCAP rights for it (Music Licensing people), it is not HER song period! She might get some small royalty, but the amount is so small it doesn’t justify what she is asking for.

I wish her the best as she tries to sue these mega corporations. I am sure they had valid music licensing and Toni can go sit in her rocker and wait for royalty checks that total pennies! It is shows and productions from those companies that have kept that song alive, it will be around long after she has turned to dust.


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