British tabloid the Daily Mail UK is amping up their online video views by paying people for viral videos. They posted one Sunday that shows a dust storm blowing into -- and over -- the Texas Tech campus. In other words, just another day in Lubbock.

(Note: The above video may not work properly on desktop computers. If you have an issue, check it out on your mobile phone instead.)

Whomever the drama queens are who wrote the idiotic captions in the video ("this town is being engulfed by a dust storm!") claim this is so terrifying and the dust can cause extreme damage and harm people outside. Don't be stupid. It's just a dust storm.

No one gets hurt by blowing dirt, except people with asthma or allergies. But there aren't any injuries or buildings damaged. What a bunch of overly dramatic wussies.

This is what's known as clickbait. Now I realize that I'm sharing it with you, which is exactly what they want us to do. But I'm hoping that others will see how stupid these people are and STOP CLICKING ON THEIR PAGES. The only way to stop annoying and stupid clickbait is to stop clicking on the bait.


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