Josh Sundquist wears a lot of hats. He's a motivational speaker, a best-selling author, a vlogger, former member of the paralympic ski team and US amputee soccer team and the founder of a social networking website for persons with amputations.

He's also a cancer survivor, and it was that disease which took his leg at age 10.

But in the midst of all this achievement, Sundquist still has time to have fun. Particularly around Halloween, when the 28-year-old is known to use his lack of limb to his advantage.

In his latest costume, he channels the notorious lady leg lamp from 'A Christmas Story.' Try pulling that one off with all of your limbs intact.

Sudnquist also tweeted out a photo of some of his other Halloween costumes, which include a peg-legged pirate and a partially eaten gingerbread man.

It would appear that in the land of Haloween, the one-legged man is king.

amputee halloween

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