This might be the most messed up advertising campaign ever.

A company in Brazil called Olla Condoms wanted to get more men to use their product, so they went with an 'Unexpected Babies' campaign.

Here's what they did: They targeted a group of guys on Facebook, created a phony Facebook profile for each guy's unborn child, then sent they guys a friend request from their fake unborn child.

Each unborn child was given the same name as the guy, with "Junior" added at the end.

And underneath the friend request was the message, "Avoid surprises like this one. Use Olla Condoms."

If the guy actually went to the baby's page, he'd find a wall posting with a link to Olla's website and a photo showing all of Olla's products.

If you're, you can't get Olla to send one of these to your friends. The promotional video explaining the stunt says that they just did it for "some guys," and it doesn't look like they're taking requests.

(Huffington Post)

You can watch Olla's promotional video here: