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We get letters. Actually, emails, but still. This one is a bit heartbreaking.

A Lubbock woman recently discovered a salacious and scandalous app on her husband's cellphone. We'll let her tell the story. No names are being used here for everyone's sake.

I hope I'm the only person with this problem, but I have a feeling that I'm probably not. My husband and I have been married for 18 years, we've got three great kids and he's an amazing dad. We share everything, and that's why I'm writing. Not long ago I needed to call one of our kids and I did not have my cell phone on me. He handed me his as he done so many times before. However, after I hung up I saw a screen pop up that surprised me. It appeared my husband had downloaded a dating app, and was scrolling through the options. I didn't look to check out if he had a profile or not, but this had to be a new thing since I never seen this app before on his phone. Since then I've been a little distant, and my husband is asking me what's going on. Should I tell him the truth? Or should I just let it go and not make a big deal out of it?


'90s Joey Lawrence, what do you think?


"Whoa" is right.

Now, we're sure that a lot of people are going to have opinions on this, but here's our quick and dirty observation, and some questionable advice.

Talk to him, without being confrontational...yet. Admittedly, I've downloaded and deleted hundreds of apps in my day (I'm looking at you, Pokemon Go). However, even though I've been married twice, I've never felt the urge to download a dating app. Ever. Even though I've known people who have checked out the likes of Tinder, Bumble, Plenty of Fish, etc. If they've had success, bless them, but it's not my thing.

That being said, if your husband feels the need to check out other women on a dating app, the question is to find out if this is simply a morbid curiosity issue or if he's seriously considering a discreet romantic liaison. Either way, this wonderful woman deserves to know the truth.


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