A comedian in L.A. named Josh Androsky is a hero to college dropouts everywhere right now, because he went on "The Price Is Right" while he was drunk and on MUSHROOMS.

Apparently it happened earlier this year, but the video is making the rounds online. It's seven minutes long, but it's pretty funny.

He bid on two different items and guessed "one dollar" both times. The second time, he was the closest bidder and got to go up on stage. And when Drew Carey asked what he did for a living, Josh said he's a, quote, "skateboard rabbi."

In the YouTube description, he says he, quote, "took mushrooms, got drunk, then went on The Price Is Right and lied to Drew Carey's melting face."

He won a $730 ring in the bidding round, but that was it.

He says he's a "skateboard rabbi" at 3:30.

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