The football team at Marine City High School in Michigan won the Division 4 state championship at Detroit's Ford Field on Friday

But the reason people are talking about it is because they did it with a FEMALE kicker...a 5-foot-2 junior named Olivia Viney....who just happens to be MY COUSIN!  She's a star on their girls' soccer team, but she also played the entire season as the football team's starting kicker.

She kicked seven extra points in Friday's game, and Marine City won 49 to 35.  She also became the first female ever to score points in a high school football championship in Michigan.

She was asked recently about how the other players on the team have treated her, and said "Never in my two years of doing this have I ever heard anything's like having a huge team of big brothers out there."

Olivia also set a new school record this season by successfully kicking 61 extra points with only four misses. And since she's a junior, she'll be back next season trying to TOP that record.

Did I mention that she's my cousin?

(The Times Herald)